How to check the possible parameters for a function in Julia

Sometimes I create functions that receive a function as parameter, but in Julia the type is Function without any information, so when the function pass as parameter is not right, the error message is not very informative: By example: julia> function fun_demo(f::Function) values = [1.0, 2.3, 3.4] return f.(values) end each (generic function with 1 method) julia> fun_demo(sin) 3-element Vector{Float64}: 0.8414709848078965 0.7457052121767203 -0.2555411020268312 However, when the function is not right, the error is difficult to understand:

Firefox 3.5 and Mouseless

I have recently changed to Firefox 3.5, and it is awesome!! The main improvements I have checked: Better performance. Reader mode, it is very useful to read without distractions, specially in mobile. Also, it is mouseless friendly, with the shortkey Ctrl+Alt+r. Screenshots of a website, that you can share with anybody (not more excuses for my students for not showing me their web app in develop).