About me

Figure 1: Which is this crazy guy?

I am a teacher assistant at the University of Granada, specialised in Artificial Intelligence. As many people, I have several roles:

  • Since a researcher side, I have a index-h of 15, with more than 24 papers (more than 90% in Q1), with more than 3000 citations. In the main menu, you can see my publications (in many case with the PDF freely available, ask me if you need any other). Also, I am currently the Chair on the IEEE CIS Task Force on Large-Scale Global Optimization, because it is a type of optimization I am particularly interested (I was winner in two international competitions, at 2010 and more recently at 2018).

  • As a teacher, now I am teaching at the University of Granada, in Ceuta, but for more than 10 years I was teaching in the University of Cádiz, where I left a part of my heart (these people were more my friends than my colleagues).

  • As a computer science that love programming, I am interesting in programming in different languages (like C++, Java, ….), and I particularly love Python, and another interesting growing languages (like Rust or Julia). I define myself also as a Linux user, this is the only OS in my computers for more than 15 years. Also, I am a truly believer in Free Software (actually, I was the secretary of Free Software Office at the University of Cadiz.

  • As a real-world person, I love reading books, watching films, and spend my free time with my girlfriend Amalia ❤️.